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Hi Everyone!  My name is Jessica.  I am certified as a nutrition and wellness consultant as well as a certified yoga instructor living in a tiny Montana town just north of Yellowstone National Park.  I started this blog to share my love of delicious healthy food, my passion for yoga and my quest to live a balanced life.  Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding nutrition, fitness and of course yoga!

Love to hike!

I love to hike...




and run!

“About Me” Update:

If you’ve been following the blog then you already know about my recent need for major dietary changes, but for new readers here’s the scoop…

Basically I’ve been dealing with all sorts of stomach issues for the past three to four years.  I’ve gone to a variety of doctors without getting a clear or accurate diagnosis untill very recently.  I finally had a doctor advise me to have a food allergy test done which concluded that I’m allergic to many of the foods I love and was eating daily.  No wonder I felt so bad all the time!  The foods I must eliminate from my diet include:  dairy, soy, gluten, almonds, peanuts, walnuts and apples!  At first I thought I should probably stop blogging about what I eat because these restrictions would lead to boring and less healthful meals but as I’m getting more familiar with the alternatives I’ve realized that I wont have to compromise taste or nutrition.  While I don’t recommend that anyone eliminate foods like this unless they absolutely have to, I feel that my food choices can still be an inspiration for healthy eating especially for anyone else with similar food allergies.  I hope you enjoy the blog and find some helpful tips to apply to your own diet and lifestyle!  Bon appetit 🙂


7 responses to this post.

  1. Hi there…
    I didn’t go through testing but after an elimination diet…I found that I cannot have dairy! boohoo! but I found that after giving it up I have never felt better and actually don’t miss it!! I also know that I cannot eat too much wheat and soy! So I mix it up each day and try not to rely on any one food!!
    Good luck!!
    Love your photos!!


  2. Hey Jessica!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog! Just flipping through it, I already know we’ll be fast friends. Why? Because I LOVE LOVE LOVE to bake 🙂

    I’m allergic to peanuts and [raw] apples too!


  3. Hi Jessica – Someone in my yoga teacher training created a really yummy gluten-free recipe for Chocolate chip carrot cake. He included walnuts but I’m sure you can substitute!

    Here it is:
    Chocolate chips
    3/4 cup brown rice
    ¼ cup millet
    ¼ tbs salt
    1 tbs baking soda
    splash of vanilla 1 tbs or more
    ½ -1 cup agave to taste sometimes i use some raisins too
    1 cup walnuts
    3 medium carrots (2 cups aprox)

    Preheat oven to 375 deg.
    Put all ingredients in Vita Mix, add enough water to make a cake batter, and blend like hell.
    Grind ¾ cup flax seed separately and add to batter.
    Add chocolate chips
    Cook until finished like a cake—I look for the center to bounce back when I push my finger into it.


  4. Hey there….I just stumbled upon your blog, and just thought I’d tell ya that I love your nature pics! I love to hike, climb, and run too! I’ve done most of my hiking in CO (my homestate), but one of these days, I’d love to climb Mt. Hood. What an experience that must have been!


  5. Hi Jessica! Thanks for your comment – I am SO jealous of your job!! I hope avoiding the allergy foods is helping you feel better – you sound really positive and hopeful about it, which is awesome 🙂


  6. Hi there! Thanks for the comment on my blog. You were my first! Haha. That picture of you climbing in the snow looks pretty intense, but I bet it was fun!

    (And in response to your comment…glad I’m not alone on the hotdog thing hah.)


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