Week of RAW!

Last night I made some cabbage rolls to take to a dinner party and I wasn’t too thrilled with how they came out but tonight for dinner I heated up some of the leftover filling, added extra mushroom and some fresh spinach and loved the combination!

I wish I would have just brought this to the get-together.  Next time 🙂

So tomorrow I begin a week of raw food only.  I’m excited because I know how great I felt after a week of eating only raw when I tried it out before, but I’m also anticipating spending lots of time in the kitchen prepping my meals.  Like tonight I made a big bottle of fresh juice for first thing in the morning. 

And no, I didn’t add it to any Kombucha… I just like to wash and reuse the bottles.  This juice was a combo of beautiful beets…

carrots, celery, ginger and orange.  Um, um good!  I know that fresh juice like this should be enjoyed right away before the enzymes break down but it is a little time-consuming and I’ll be getting up early to head to the gym for a Buns & Abs class.  I also preped a salad to take with me for lunch.

Chopped hearts of romaine, sliced banana, sliced avocado, sprinkle of shredded coconut and a lemon honey drizzle. 

I don’t think eating a raw diet all the time is right for most people and it can be spendy and effortful but for me it’s a beneficial way to get more creative with my meals and get in the habit of eating lots of produce.  I’m also not a big supporter of drastic cleanses where you severely restrict your calories so a temporary raw diet is a healthy alternative where you can rid the body of excess toxins without being hungry. 

Anybody want to join me in my week of raw? 🙂


3 responses to this post.

  1. I’ve always wanted to try and goa week or maybe even just a few days, raw food only. Sounds like it can be really refreshing and I think I need that right now!


    • I think it’s worth the effort and anyone can do it for a day or two. There are so many fun foods and recipes that are 100% raw. I’ll be sure to do a post soon with a few good ones 🙂


  2. Oooh you’re brave! I’m not sure I could do a week of raw but I look forward to watching you do it! My boyfriend and I always say we’re going to try to do a week of Vegan. I think I’ll try that first before going raw 😉


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