New Month, New Goals

I’m such a list person!  I’ve got “to-do” lists, grocery lists, project lists, recipes to try lists…  It’s sooo not environmentally friendly to have little paper lists posted all over the place, but I’m also a visual person and need to see it in order to remember it (I know; that probably just means I’m getting old).   My latest list was a few goals for the  month:

  • Keep up on the Unstuff My Turkey challenge (more veggies, less junk)
  • Up the intensity on runs and workouts
  • Start a gratitude journal- simply taking time to be thankful everyday, not just the 4th Thursday in Nov
  • More baking experiments 😉
  • More quality time with my wonderful husband

I’m sure there are plenty of other areas that could use a little improvement but we’ll try to keep it simple for now.  I was just reading an article about women, health goals and why we’re often not as successful as men at meeting them.  The reasoning was that women tend to try to overhaul everything at once.  For example:  start a running program, strength train 3 times/week, add more yoga, eat more veggies, limit meals out, quit drinking coffee, add more green tea, floss everyday, start daily meditation, limit wine/ alcohol, try new fitness classes…  Sound familiar to you?  Sounds awfully exhausting to me!  Men on the other hand tend to limit goals, tackling one at a time like, drink less beer.  I know my list has more than one item but I can see how trying to do too much would be overwhelming making you feel like you’re failing if you’re not able to do it all.  I tend to try to do too much at once so this list is actually quite short for me!  I’ll give this small steps approach a try and let ya know how it goes 🙂

This morning I wanted to warm up with a hot bowl of oats!  I added a little Chia Goodness Cranberry Ginger cereal, cinnamon and a banana.  Um, um good!

I’ve posted about this stuff before because it’s so tasty and good for ya.  The ingredients are: chia seed, buckwheat, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, currants, cranberries, org. cane sugar, ginger and sea salt- so simple.  There’s also lots of iron, manganese, protein, fiber and a dose of healthy fats to help it stay with you longer. 

And to keep up with the first thing on my goals list… 

a healthy snack for later 😉

Are you a list person?  What about goals? 

Is there anything you’re working on right now?

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”- Larry Elder


3 responses to this post.

  1. I’m totally a list person! Love them:)
    And you know that totally makes sense about why men accomplish their goals more. I never thought of it like that!


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  3. Of course men usually only do one thing at a time anyway, so having one goal at a time fits their regular MO. I’m not bashing, men are just wired differently than us. We always have multiple things going on at the same time even if some of its just in our heads.
    I completely love the idea of having monthly goals. I have my lists but rarely do I take the time to think about what do I want to accomplish this month.


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