What am I Thankful for?

So much!!!  Today I have been really thankful for living in a small town.  Sometimes I get tired of it and feel like I need a change of scenery but today I was nothing but thankful for where I live!  It can feel really good to see familiar faces everywhere you go or have people at the local shops go that extra mile to help you with your Christmas shopping 🙂  It’s especially good to know that if you ever need help there’s plenty of people who would step up for you and lend a hand!  Wink, wink (I may have had a little mishap driving in the snow today and just may have been saved by a helpful neighbor). 

Anyways… another thing I’m thankful for is yoga!  I had a good practice on my own this morning at the studio before any of my student got there which felt great, then taught an active core-building class.  For fun I threw in a little balancing poses like this one:


Yoga Pose of the Day:  Ardha Chandrasana (half moon)   This pose is obviously a challenge in balance but it’s also a good heart opening and uplifting pose 🙂  Now I’m off for some cardio and later belly dance class!


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