Quick Getaway

Sometimes a girl just needs to get-away even if it’s just a day or two 🙂

Yesterday after a tall glass of fresh juice I was off on a mini getaway to Bozeman.

It was the perfect day for a drive with gorgeous views the whole way.  I love going to Bozeman- it’s got funky shops, good food and great yoga studios.  My first stop was Be the Change yoga studio for my first ever Kundalini yoga class.  What a workout!  We did breath of fire almost continuously throughout the entire hour-long class while practicing active, powerful asanas.  It was quite the experience.  All I know is my prana was certainly flowing!

I’ve already admitted that I’m a major dork so you wont find what I did next surprising at all…  Christmas shopping!  (this is actually a late start for me)  I bought some really fun gifts and may have found a little something for me 😉

At least their practical, right?

Today I tried out another yoga class at the same studio.  It was a vinyasa flow class which I loved!  The instructor was so warm and welcoming, she played awesome music and led us through a challenging set of asanas that flowed really well.  If you ever get a chance to visit Bozeman, Mt make sure you pop in for a yoga class with Jessi- so worth it!

Another reason I enjoy spending time in Bozeman is the good restaurants and health food stores.  I found the greatest snack today at the local co-op…

Kale chips and…

Nori chips 🙂  These were ah-maz-ing!  I’ve made kale chips in the oven before and just sprinkled them with kosher salt which is good but not nearly as good as these babies!  I cannot wait to recreate them, but for now I’m ready for dinner by the fire and some rest since my drive home today looked more like this:

Luckily I made it home safe but there were cars off the road everywhere.  Definitely not a relaxing drive!

Have you discovered any new snacks lately that you just love?

Oh, and if anyone has tips on making vegan cheesy kale chips let me know!


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