Feelin’ Good

I’m already feeling more like me after just a few days of cutting the crap.  My eats have looked a little something like this lately:

Fresh, simple and so delicious! 

Keeping with that same idea from my last post of needing a little change in my life I tried a new class last night.  Belly Dance!  It was a blast!  I honestly felt a little awkward and uncoordinated but that’s ok.  I think it’s good to do something outta the norm even if it makes you feel a little silly.  One thing I really liked about it was that the movements all seem to celebrate femininity and although I feel like it really worked my abs, the fluidity of it was relaxing.  I’m definitely going back next week 🙂

The past two days have been action packed for me, going from one thing to the next so tonight I’m gonna be doing a little of this…

Yoga Pose of the Day:  Savasana- simply roll out your mat, get comfy, let you whole body relax and just be 🙂 Ahhh

Have you tried any new classes or adventures lately? 

What’s your favorite way to unwind after a whirlwind kind of day?


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