Feeling Refreshed

The workshop Monday night was not nearly as physically challenging as I had imagined but we did lots of cleansing compression and twisting poses which left me with a sense of lightness and renewal! 

I woke up this morning full of energy so after a quick yoga practice I was out the door for a 3 mile run- loving the warmer weather and sunshine!   To refuel I had a bowl of espresso oats with sliced banana.

 Not the prettiest picture, but man were these delish!

Today’s lunch was full of orange

carrots, cantaloupe and a homemade pumpkin granola bar (which tasted much better after I added some coconut butter!).

And since summer is all about enjoying fresh fruit I had a juicy bowl of grapes and sliced peaches this afternoon after watering my flowers; which I’m proud to say are growing wonderfully!

Dinner stayed in the summertime theme with grilled turkey spinach burgers, greek inspired pasta salad with brown rice noodles, grilled red onion and sweet potato fries.

Enough with the eats; now onto the moves 🙂  So, I mentioned in my last post that I was in need of a little motivation and thought a fitness challenge or plan would help me jump-start things.  I was going to design a plan but came across this one by Fitnessista- Summer Shape Up.  She started her’s in May but you can start anytime and follow along.  It incorporates both recommendations for cardio and great strength training moves.  Check it out and let me know what ya think.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Yummyy! I like to incorporate strength training into my cardio routine, too


  2. That granola bar looks delicious!


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