Turn it Up!

That has really been my theme today- turned up the tunes while dancing cleaning house, spent some time in the sun since temps are finally on the rise and turned up the intensity on my run today!  I’m honestly a little exhausted and I still have to teach a sculpt and tone class at the gym and after that go to a “Detox & Renew” yoga workshop (which I’m totally excited for, btw). 

To keep my energy up I made a huge omelet for lunch with mushrooms, rice cheese, spinach, and onion along with a sprouted corn tortilla.

Since it was such a gorgous day I thought I’d do a little planning for class tonight while soakin’ up some sunshine!  While wearing spf, of course 😉

I really haven’t been that motivated during my runs or workouts lately and I’m feeling a little sluggish/ low energy as a result.  Exception: my run this morning.  I ran hard and it felt sooooo good!  I think I need a little push.  Anyone else ever feel that way?  My goal is to come up with a “Summer Shape Up Challenge“.  Any suggestions?  I’ll be brainstorming and come up with something soon.  Right now I better get ready for class or I’ll be late!


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  1. oh that omelet looks great!


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