Happy Friday!  I’m looking forward to a fun weekend… a wedding tomorrow and hopefully a hike or bike ride with the husband on Sunday.  This morning I woke up sooooo hungry so I ate a giant bowl of granola right after a little yoga.

I mixed in some Fiber Plus oat cereal and sliced banana.  I wish I was one of those people who could function just fine without a morning meal but I need my breakfast!  I can usually get by with just a half a banana long enough to get in a walk or run but not today.  I did some cleaning to give my belly time to digest then went out for a 4 mile walk.  I am loving all this sunshine lately! 

After making a cup of my favorite goji berry green tea I packed a lunch to take to work with me…

Blueberry coconut milk yogurt with fresh blueberries, an orange and a sunbutter and jelly sandwich on GF rice cakes.  I’m hoping to squeeze in a little run today up and down hills to help me train seeing as my belly was too full of granola to run this morning 😉  Have a wonderful Friday!


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