It’s Been a While

Hi everyone!  I’m such an inconsistent blogger sometimes… sorry!  Well, it finally feels more like summer.  No, not because of the 60-70° weather we’ve been having 😉 but because of the busyness.  I’ve already taken a mini vacation and had two groups of company come visit.  I’ve been having lots of fun but the time just flys by! 

Today I woke up to do a little yoga and then jet out for a 3 mile run and 2 mile walk.  It felt pretty good even though my runs lately have felt more like a chore than fun so this was refreshing.  Then as I was getting ready for work I had an unexpected bout of excercise- total DANCE OFF!  With just me, but don’t tell 😉  Sometimes I feel like I get more of a workout from dancing around my house than pounding pavement on long runs!  After all that I was quite hungry and ate a yummy bowl of pumpkin overnight oats with sliced banana and had a glass of fresh carrot, orange, celery juice.

Lunch was a delish mix of blueberry coconut milk yogurt with black berries, fresh pineapple and a few brazil nuts.  Summer always makes me crave lots of fresh fruit and salad.

For an afternoon snack I had some peppers, baby carrots and snap peas.

More fresh veggies for dinner…

Chili lime marinated and grilled chicken over a bed of spinach, celery, zucchini, cherry tomatoes and carrots with a spicy mustard vinegarette.

I think I’ll satisfy my sweet tooth with a piece of liquorice toffee that I picked up at the candy shop while my adorable nephews were visiting.

So, I’ve been wanting to run a 1/2 marathon this summer sometime and think I’ve found the one.  The Madison Run near Ennis, Mt.  It’s the highest road race in the country and the views would be amazing!  I’m really nervous to do 13 miles of hills though since my IT bands tighten up so bad.  We’ll see… I think I’ll do a few long, hilly runs to see how if feel before I register.  If not there is the option to sign up as a 4 person team to do the marathon so that would mean only 6.57 miles of hills and running it with 3 friends would be fun.  What do ya think? 

What fun plans or goals do you have for this summer?


One response to this post.

  1. I am not setting goals for the summer, I’m taking a relaxing break. I will start back up in the fall refreshed & ready to meet some goals!

    As far as fun plans, I’ve got a wedding to attend in July, and we’re going to the lake house at July 4th.


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