Breakfast Blog?

I always start the day with good intentions to blog about my daily eats however that doesn’t always happen and you get posts like yesterday (breakfast only).  I promise I ate lots more than just breakfast!  I had a day full of good eats, but no pics; sorry.  The yoga class I went to was awesome though!  Annie did so many “enhancements” and “prana-sauge” techniques.  I felt like I’d spent 90 minutes in a spa session rather than a yoga class.  Thanks Annie!  I definitely left with that feeling of post yoga BLISS 🙂

This morning I got up to do Jillian Michaels 30-day Shred workout.  That girl really knows how to work ya!  I followed it up with a little yoga and breakfast.

Oats with banana, flax meal, cinnamon, rice milk and an egg white “pancake” with 2 whites and loads of cinnamon mixed in.

Busy day planned so lunch is coming with me!  Coconut milk yogurt with hemp protein powder and extra blueberries mixed in, carrots, celery, sliced pear and a Raw chocolate coconut fiber bar.

I’ll be a better blogger today and post more later 😉


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