She’s Back!

My favorite computer wiz came by last night and got my computer working good-as-new!  This morning started off with a quick, energizing yoga practice and a run.  We’ve been having some wonderful weather finally so I took advantage and went outside.  After enjoying all the fresh green outside I came home and whipped up a Green Monster with banana, pumpkin, spinach, vanilla hemp milk and Amazing Grass.

Yoga Pose of the Day:  Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)  My back has been aching a little from a weekend full of yard work so this pose was great for alleviating that.

It’s nice to see that the rain is paying off…

My flowers love it!

And on a chilly, wet day what better lunch than some hot soup and veggies?!  I love taking pre-made options and making them even better (it makes me feel like I “almost” cooked 😉 ).  For example I opened a can of Amy’s organic Bean and Rice soup and mixed in some fresh spinach and sliced mushrooms along with a generous dash of cayenne and curry powder.

So if you read the blog you know I LOVE kombucha!  I just tried a new kind and it’s awesome!

This actually tastes like a juicy pear!  Yum 🙂


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