Plant a Seed

I worked all afternoon on projects for my nutrition consulting business which made me think about how happy I am that I took a chance and followed my passion.  I love being able to help people achieve their wellness goals!

Dreams are the seeds of change.  Nothing ever grows without a seed, And nothing ever changes without a dream.   – Debby Boone

This afternoon I snacked on my favorite kind of “chip”.  Veggie Chips!  I need a dehydrator so I can make my own.

The weather took a turn this evening; no more rain, just brilliant sunshine!  That meant dinner outside starting with a big salad.

Then I stuffed chicken breasts with roasted red pepper, fresh basil, and kalamata olives (the husband’s also had feta cheese) and grilled them along with some onion and also roasted some Yukon gold potatoes with olive oil, oregano and garlic.

The only thing that could make this more perfect:  chocolate!

I tried this bar by Righteously Raw a week or so ago and love the flavor!  I had to go back and stock up.  This is one chocolate bar you don’t want to run out of!  It’s 100% raw and mostly organic with 20% DV of iron!  Totally a “health food” 😉 

Question for the day:  When have you stepped out on a limb to take a chance on something you believed in?


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