First Things First

The past few days have been full of snow and rain so today I took full advantage of the gorgeous sunshine and went for a run first thing.  I have two routes I like to run by my house and one starts with a pretty good-sized hill.  I choose that route today and powered up it.  I love how it makes the rest of my run feel like cake 🙂  Speaking of cake or treats anyway; my baking experiment was a success last night.

Although these are on the allergy must live “without” list, I still had to have one little taste just to be sure they were worthy of gifting 😉

Then I felt I was on a roll so I baked some crustless mini veggie quiche to take with me to work today for lunch along with some veggie sticks.

Cute, huh?  Back to today… breakfast was a warm bowl of pumpkin oats with chia seeds and bruleed bananas (kinda).  I guess I didn’t put enough sugar on top of the bananas cause it didn’t carmelize very well.  It tasted great though!

It’s off to work for this girl then this evening I teach my power yoga class!  Have a wonderful Thursday!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Ooooo I love your mini quiche–mine are always so boring! THESE look great!


  2. Those mini quiches look great! I love mini things because it seems like you get to eat more of them. 😉


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