Living Without

I’ve been talking to a lot of people lately that also have food allergies and I’ve been getting some good ideas for substitutions.  I was just introduced to a magazine called “Living Without” that contains loads of recipes which are free from many of the top allergens; which is great!  But then I started to think about those words “living without”.  What a downer!  Too often people only think of what foods they cant have if they have allergies or are focused on healthier eating habits.  I know when I first got my food allergy test back I was pretty bummed out thinking about all the wonderful foods I’d never eat again.  Thankfully that attitude didn’t last long and I started researching and tasting alternatives.  As a result I’m eating far less processed foods, more fresh fruits and veggies and more lean proteins.  Sometimes it’s still a pain when I got out to eat and have to quiz the server on the ingredients of half the menu but they are usually really accommodating.  Although I thought the magazine was great, the focus should never be on what you’re  “living without” but rather what healthy alternatives you can enjoy instead. 

Here’s a peek at my gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free breakfast 🙂

GF Puffins, Nature’s Path GF cereal WITH cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla rice milk.


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  1. I can definitely relate to this! I’m allergic to most nuts, and there are so many foods I can’t eat because of it!

    But on the upside, our allergies just force us to be more creative and allow us to discover a bunch of new foods. 🙂

    What are you allergic to?


    • Yeah, I’ve discovered so many great foods after finding out about my food allergies! I’m allergic to gluten, dairy, soy, peanuts, walnuts, almonds and apples. Soy is the toughest- it’s in EVERYTHING!


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