Case of the Monday’s

I don’t know what was going on today but boy it sure feels like one of those Monday’s!  First off I’m usually right outta bed at the sound of the alarm but today I was extra sleepy and 5:30 came too early.  I almost fell back to sleep but finally got myself up to prep for a yoga class I’m subbing.  Then as I was buzzing around the house getting ready, I shut my finger in my bedroom door!  How clumsy is that?  Well, at least breakfast was a success!

Chocolate banana overnight oats with chia seeds.  My new fav!

My day started looking up when I decided to go to the gym after yoga.  I got on the treadmill; still not feelin’ 100% but I started to run, then run a little faster.  Before I knew it I was at a comfortable 8 min mile pace and had run 3 miles!  Not bad for thinking I wasn’t into it.  I love the way running helps me clear my head and leaves me full of energy!  It also leaves me in need of a snack 🙂

A cup of Yerba Mate tea and a rice cake topped with some banana fudge leftover from when I made my oats.  Yum!

Lunch was pretty typical:  eggs scrambled with mushrooms, roasted turkey, onion and spinach along with some tapioca bread toast topped with dairy free, soy free “butter”.

I also had to crack open a fizzy bottle of Kombucha this afternoon for a little pick-me-up.  Oh how I LOVE this stuff!

Dinner was a bit of an experiment tonight.  I started with a small, simple salad then I mixed up a garlic balsamic vinegar marinade for chicken breasts and grilled them along with some asparagus.  As a side I made a dairy free, vegan “cheese” sauce with herbs and loads of black pepper to go with some brown rice pasta and served it over a bed of fresh spinach.

Turned out to be a pretty good day!  I’ll leave ya with a few questions…

  • Do you like to run?  If so what motivates you to run?
  • Ever had a case of the Monday’s?  What do you do to turn things around and brighten your day?

4 responses to this post.

  1. I love running but haven’t been able to lately because of a stress fracture! I’m going to start getting into it again this week so I’m excited. Your choco oats look tasty!


  2. HAHA I think I have a case of the Mondays every week! hehe

    I’m definitely not a runner–I’ve never been able to get into it! I’ve found other forms of cardio and exercise that I love. I do like HIIT on the treadmill–that way I only have to sprint for like 30 seconds at a time! lol


  3. Saw you on Eat, Live, Run and wanted to check it out. Chocolate-y hot cereal is the best; I use Amazing Grass and dark chocolate chips or cocoa almonds. Swift incline-walking (treadmill) is much easier for me than running, so I have to push myself not to take the “easy way out.” I’m not a ‘natural’ runner, but I try to do a lap or two when I need to release some energy or frustration!


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