Cinco de Mayo!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Cinco de Mayo!  No, I suppose I don’t have any real reason to celebrate the Battle of Puebla however any excuse for a margarita sounds good to me 🙂

Back track to lunch today:  I had a very filling and delish egg, veggie and potato scramble with an item you never see on food/ nutrition blogs… bacon! 

Red pepper, zucchini, potato, bacon, garlic, shalots and eggs on top a bed of organic spinach= one fabulous lunch! 

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this yet but when we were just in Stevi visiting family my mother-in-law gave me an early birthday present…

…planter boxes full of flowers from her greenhouse!   Too bad it’s so cold here at night.  I have to move them inside to my front porch so they don’t freeze!

When the husband got done working today we met at the local Mexican restaurant for margaritas.  So tasty!  I can never make good ones at home so I’m glad I left it to the pros to satisfy my craving.  Anyone know the trick to making the perfect margarita?  Anyways… when I got home I munched on some carrots while roasting red peppers, making rice and chopping parsley.


After being pureed, the peppers went into the rice with parsley, salt and pepper.

Then I sautéed some garlic, onion and serano chilis…

added some black beans, diced tomato along with grilled chorizo, grilled red peppers and a squeeze of fresh lime.

I’ve decided that my new favorite scent has got to be fresh lime juice.  I’ll have to find ways to use it more often.  Now it’s time to curl up on the sofa next to the fire and watch the snow fall.  Yeah, you heard correctly;  it’s snowing right now!  Good excuse to stay in and relax 🙂

Take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop.”  ~Ovid


One response to this post.

  1. Fresh lime juice is definitely a wonderful smell!
    Dinner looks great and how sweet of your mother in law–I LOVE the color of that flower!


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