Back Already

After a very quick trip to meet my new nephew I’m back home.  He is the sweetest little thing ever!  I’m so happy we went to see him 🙂  This morning I was back to my same ol’ routine of a morning yoga practice and breakfast. 

I had a crunchy bowl of GF Puffins with homemade oat quinoa granola and raisins swimming in some vanilla hemp milk.  Then I was off to the gym for an hour of cardio.   Thank goodness for Shape magazine and my gym buddy to chat with- the time flew by and I felt so energized after!  After running errands all over town including grocery shopping I came home for some much needed house cleaning and finally lunch. 

I made a big sandwich on a GF roll with spicy mustard, turkey, spinach and romaine alongside some baby carrots and sliced mushrooms with extra mustard for dipping.

Now it’s back to work!  I’ve got a few nutrition clients with special dietary needs that I’m compiling meal plans for.  Fun but challenging.  And of course I just had to have a hot cup of green tea to sip as I type.

Yoga Pose of the Day:  Uttanasana (Standing Forward Fold)  My hamstrings have been a little tight lately so I hung out in this pose extra long during my morning practice. 

After I get some work done I need to prep for my Tone & Sculpt class at the gym.  I over-did-it on the lunges last week so today’s class will be lunge free 😉 .  What are some of your favorite toning exercises?


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