Ahhh… aren’t weekends great!  I had a pretty mellow Sunday which led me to my next tip.

Tip #17:  Hit the off button, un-plug, disconnect!

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how dependent most of us are on our cell phones- calling and texting, laptops, desktops, e-mail, facebook, twitter, TV, i-pod…  We are surrounded with gadgets and use them constantly.  I think of how many people I know that are over-stressed and these same people are often the most “connected” ones.  So yesterday I decided to disconnect.  The ringer on the phone got turned off, no computer use, no TV, iPod or cds playing; just me and some much needed quiet and simplicity.   Try it for a day or at least just an evening to give yourself a little break from all the noise and to de-stress a bit.  Instead use the time to catch up on a good book or enjoy uninterrupted time with someone you love.  😉

Today I woke up extra early to fit in my own yoga practice before heading out to teach an active yoga class at the studio.  I’m sub-ing for an instructor that is out-of-town this week and next which is great cause I get to see a whole bunch of new (to me) students.  The sun was just pouring through the east facing studio windows which makes for the best bright, warm light! 

Yoga Pose of the Day:  Paripurna Navasana (Boat Pose)  I love this pose to help build core strength and balance!

I knew I’d want to go on a run after yoga so I had a big bowl of gf cereal mixed with quinoa oat granola, raisins, flax meal and hazelnut milk.

I hate to eat a lot before yoga but there’s no way I’d make it through class, a 4 mile run and errands.  When I got home I was really thirsty even though I practically downed an entire 32 oz nalgene of water!  Fresh juice to the rescue!


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