More Veggies

Tip #15:  Up your intake of fruits and veggies

Sometimes hitting the 5-9 servings a day seems a little daunting but once you establish good eating habits you’ll find it gets easier and yummier!  I recently experimented with eating a high raw diet for 21 days.  OMG- talk about lots of produce!  I felt so good and was probably eating closer to 9-11 servings per day.  In the end I decided that my active body does better with a diet higher in protein than I felt I could get with eating raw and living in Montana in the winter all I wanted was a hot meal to keep me warm.  Overall it was a great experience that has led me to really cut back on processed foods and I’ve continued to eat loads of produce everyday.  One of my favorite raw food discoveries is fresh juice!

Action shot 🙂

I started my day off with a good serving of veggie juice and made enough to have more later.  Today was blend of carrot, ginger, beet, cucumber, lemon and celery.  I’m gonna mix up more coconut milk yogurt and fruit for a quick breakfast then I’m off to teach my morning power yoga class!


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