Good Eats

I made a new granola recipe yesterday so breakfast today was a big bowl topped with flax meal, cinnamon and raisins with rice milk.  Yum!

I totally experimented with my granola ingredients and used mashed banana  with a little olive oil as my liquid; added some cloves, nutmeg, cardamom, cinnamon for spice and sunflower seeds for a little tasty crunch.  Pretty good combo!  I know I’ve mentioned the benefits of cinnamon before but since I just had my sugar post I thought a reminder of how it has a  regulatory effect on blood sugar, and can lower LDL cholesterol levels wouldn’t hurt 🙂

Better get to work now… lots of nutrition counseling projects to get done.  I also have to plan my power yoga class for tonight.  I haven’t mention this yet but a group of instructors in town finally got together and we opened our town’s first yoga studio!  I had my first class there Tuesday morning and teach another class tonight.  I’m so excited!


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  1. A new studio, that’s definitely exciting! Teaching is so rewarding for both student and teacher. Glad to hear you get to enjoy this!


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