Kick it Up a Notch!

Good morning!  Just a little update from yesterday’s post… Kids yoga was awesome!  Challenging?  Yes, but so fun.  It inspired a more light-hearted, energetic practice of my own this morning 🙂 

Yoga Pose of the Day:  Parsvakonasana (Side Angle Pose)  Try this pose as part of a playful Anusara sequence for something new and challenging.

Tip #10:  Increase the intesity of your workouts

It’s really easy to get comfortable doing the same cardio or strength routine.  I’m a big fan of consistency, but it’s essential that you change up your workout from time to time  to get maximum benefits.   Our bodies become more efficient at the tasks we do repeatedly which means they don’t have to work as hard or burn as many calories.  The good news is that if you like to walk or jog at the same pace you don’t have to change completely and sprint for your entire workout.  Little tweaks can have big results.  For example, including short bursts of high intensity sprints (like intervals) can greatly improve muscle strength and tone as well as improve the function and the structure of blood vessels and arteries.  This can help prevent them from stiffening over time which reduces risk of heart disease.  Doing intervals also boosts calorie burn and increases endurance levels.  Increasing intensity isn’t the only way to see greater body benefits… simply trying new activities or weight training moves challenges different muscles making you stronger.   For me, changing things up also helps beat boredom which means I’ll stick with it longer. 

How do you up the intensity of your workouts or keep from getting bored with your routine?

Update:  Here’s my breakfast and lunch choices for today to follow yesterday’s low sodium tip:

GF cereal with banana, cinnamon and hazelnut milk for breakfast; kiwi and carrots for a snack; coconut milk yogurt, raw unsalted cashews, and grapes for lunch- yum!  And on top of that I followed today’s tip by doing 50 minutes of intervals on the treadmill after work to really get my heart rate up.  It felt great!


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