Give Your Shaker a Rest

Salt shaker that is…

Tip #9:  Lower your sodium intake

The RDA for sodium is 2,400 mg per day or less yet the average American consumes between 4,000 and 5,000 mg daily!  Such high amounts of sodium can lead to high blood pressure and increase risks for heart disease.  Not only that but sodium attracts water leading to water retention, bloating and feeling sluggish.  To keep your heart healthy and your water levels in balance try to avoid processed foods which are often loaded with extra sodium.  Change your diet so that the majority of the foods you eat are in their whole or unprocessed state and to balance out the sodium you do consume reach for high potassium foods like leafy greens, bananas, raisins, milk and potatoes (w/ the skin on). 

Yoga Pose of the Day:  Bharadvajasana I (Bharadvajasana’s Twist)  This pose stimulates the digestive system, so breathe deep to bring lots of fresh oxygen to the body increasing the benefits.  This is also a good pose to do if you suffer low back pain or sciatica.

Speaking of yoga and yesterday’s tip, I’ll really be giving myself a challenge today…  toddler yoga class!  I start the first class of a four-week session today.  I sure hope the little ones like it!  I’ll be sure to get in my own calming, centering practice before I teach (and probably need it after as well) 🙂


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