Take it Outside!

Tip #2:  Take your workout outside

I’m lucky to have so many great options here in the winter like skiing, ice skating and snowshoeing (my winter favorites).  You don’t have to live near a ski resort or an ice rink to be active and have fun outside in the winter- simply skip the gym and run, walk or bike in the fresh open air!  Studies show that we burn up to 10% more calories when we walk or run outdoors.  Plus you’re likely to go longer when you’re distracted by the scenery than when stuck on a treadmill.  Another bonus is the dose of vitamin D producing sunshine you’ll get which leads to better bone health, stronger immune system and a more cheerful mood!  

*Be sure to dress warm with layers and keep yourself hydrated.  If temperatures are really low, stay closer to home.  Also, if you deal with icy sidewalks and streets this time of year try out some ice cleats like YakTracks or Get-A-Grip Ultra to strap on your running shoes for better traction.

Oh, and don’t forget to warm up properly afterwards…

This hot cocoa is sooooo good and the added spice will really make you toasty!  Not only does it taste delicious but this super dark chocolate is full of disease fighting antioxidants!


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