Little Changes

I’m back!  Sorry for the long break.  Since it’s a new year and so many of us turn our attention to resolutions or goals  I decided to kick off 2010 with 28 days of nutrition and fitness tips- little things you can try each day that will add up to big changes! 

It’s simple… just log on, read the tip of the day and try it out.  28 days is the magic number in terms of making new habits stick and kicking old ones for good so if you’re after a lifestyle tweak here’s some help.

Tip #1:   Evaluate your environment

Our surrounding or roommates can often have a negative effect on our diets and exercise habits.  Take time today to notice what could be holding you back in your home.  For example, does your roommate/ spouse/ family keep the freezer stocked with frozen pizza and ice cream?  Are your cupboards filled with chips and cookies rather than whole grains?  Or are your running shoes lost somewhere in the back of your closet? 

Make changes to your environment that support healthy habits like putting a washed and ready to eat bowl of fruit on the counter for snacks.  Re-arrange your fridge so that the good-for-you foods are front and center.  To make exercise easier keep free weights and running/ walking shoes out in plain sight (you can’t pretend they don’t exist if you’re tripping over them).  Also, if you like to workout in the morning put your clothes out the night before to save you time and make it easier.

A little update:  I was thinking about this post today and realized that many readers probably are already doing little things like this- if that’s the case flaunt your good health habits and hopefully some of them will rub off on family and friends!  I get teased all the time for my food choices or exercise habits.  I can’t help it if I actually like carrot sticks more than potato chips or getting up a 5:30 for a morning run is my idea of fun 🙂


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