What a Day!

I’m actually going to fill you in on yesterday since I was too busy to post…

I’ve been waking up extra early in an attempt to make it easy for my wonderful husband to eat healthier so my morning started with blending a nutritious mixed berry and yogurt smoothie for him (he’s typically not a breakfast eater and you all know how I feel about breakfast!)  and cereal with flax meal, sliced banana and rice milk for me.

For my yoga practice today I actually went to someone else’s class for a morning Hatha yoga session.  This class is a little more gentle than my typical personal practice but I love the way this instructor exudes a love of yoga and compassion for each of her students!  It’s so important to mix things up and let yourself be inspired by others- very glad I went 🙂  Then I went across the street to the gym for 40 mins on the Treadclimber.  I’m actually getting pretty good and that thing- no more near accidents for this girl.  I following it with a little more gentle yoga and lots of water. 

Right after I got home my phone rang- it was my husband asking if I wanted to head up to the mountain to ski for the afternoon.  Silly question!  I piled on the layers and made a lunch to eat on the way:  carrots and celery and a sandwich on rice bread toast with mashed avocado, spinach and turkey. 

Omg!  This was the BEST sandwich I’ve had in a while!  All the healthy fat and protein helped keep me energized for an afternoon of sun and skiing.

I know… major dork!

Yoga Pose of the Day:  Utkatasana (Chair Pose)  This one is great for strengthening the quads- something that comes in handy when hitting the slopes!

It was actually a pretty warm day which gave me the idea to barbeque dinner.  Nothin’ quite like brushing the snow off your grill to BBQ!  I made a green curry and cilantro marinade on shrimp for me and chicken for my husband served on a bed of spinach, shredded carrots and brown rice.

Nutrition Tip:  Coriander, an ingredient in green curry is full of  phytonutrients plus minerals such as iron, magnesium, and manganese.


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