It’s Cold!

This weekend was so chilly and today is no different… it’s -6° right now!  I warmed up with a vinyasa yoga practice this morning followed by a big, steamy mix of eggs, green pepper, onion, turkey and spinach scrambled together then wrapped up in a brown rice tortilla.

Yoga Pose of the Day:  Virabhadrasana II  (Warrior II)  Build heat and strength in the legs with this powerful pose.

I have to work a bit up at the mountain today however I don’t anticipate seeing many skiers with such low  temperatures.  I know you wouldn’t catch me out there on a day like this!  I packed a little lunch full of fruit to take with me:  coconut yogurt, cranberry muffin, kiwi and banana.

What a cold day!  I think it’s colder now than it was first thing this morning!  I kept warm at work by downing lots of hot  green tea and moving around.  After work I went to the gym to really heat up 🙂  I ran for 40 mins on the treadmill then hit the bike for 20.   It felt so good to finally get my muscles warm.  Then I had another cup of hot tea when I got home.  Really getting my fill of antioxidants today.

Nutrition Tip:  I’m sure you’ve all been hearing the buzz lately on the wonders of vitamin D and the statistics that show most of us are coming up short when it comes to recommended doses, but just incase you’re not up to speed I’ll help fill ya in.  We’ve all known that vitamin D works hand in hand with calcium to keep our bones healthy but new studies show it also improves immune function, protects against cancer and heart disease and can even ward off depression.  This is all wonderful news if you’re getting enough of this nutrient, but stats show that most of us aren’t meeting our daily needs.  Vitamin D is one of the few vitamins our bodies have the ability to produce;  all you need is a little sunshine.  That sounds great but you wont find me soaking up the rays in sub-zero temps!  If sunshine is an option for you it only takes 15 minutes a day on the face and arms to get the benefits.  Otherwise load up on fortified dairy, fortified cereal, salmon, tuna and egg yolks to get your daily intake.

This evening I made a batch of pumpkin ginger spice granola because #1- I’m out of cereal, #2- I just wanted a reason to have the hot oven on and #3- it makes the house smell sooooo good!

Then I made a spinach salad with beans along with a bowl of coconut ginger soup for an easy dinner.


Dont ask me why but I made myself a cold bowl of ice cream with ginger spread mixed in to satisfy my sweet-tooth after dinner.  It didn’t warm me up any but it was tasty!


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  1. Posted by Britnie on December 8, 2009 at 3:11 pm

    The pumpkin granola looks delicious!


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