Ready to Spin!

Good Morning!  I’m off to an early spin class today.  Last week it was canceled and the week before I had to work so I’m excited this is finally working out.  For breakfast I heated up a baked oatmeal square with sliced banana and sunbutter as well as a glass of rice milk and bowl of raspberries and banana.

 I’ve been loving these oatmeal bars because they’re so quick, easy and tasty as well as filling.  I also love any recipe that can be modified.  With all the mix-in options I’ll never make the same version twice. 

After spin class I have a bunch of work to get done in town so I made a wrap on a brown rice tortilla stuffed with tuna, honey mustard, diced green pepper, pickle and spinach for lunch. 

Spin class was awesome!  I really felt my legs burning the whole time!  And my lunch to-go was the perfect thing to fuel me through my afternoon which included lots of work but also a little fun- I got a much-needed haircut.  I love getting my haircut for some reason.  Maybe it’s the heavenly scalp massage that goes with it.  Anyways, after getting a few things done at home I did something unusual… I put in a Rodney Yee “Yoga Burn” dvd.  I really enjoy tailoring each daily practice to suit my needs day-to-day but sometimes it’s nice to get a little outside inspiration.  I really like how slowly he moved in and out of each pose with such intension. 

Yoga Pose of the Day:  Bhujangasana  (Cobra Pose)  This is a wonderful pose for strengthening the spine and stretching the chest and abdomen.  Chest openers like this and yesterday’s pose are great remedies for fatigue and tend to be very uplifting.

Tonight I made a very tasty dinner :  breaded and baked hummus-spinach stuffed chicken breasts with a potato, red pepper and onion saute along with a crisp glass of pinot gregio- so good!  I tried out some new gluten-free bread crumbs which had great flavor and texture but burned rather quickly.  O’well.

“See where your own energy wants to go, not where you think it should go. Do something because it feels right, not because it makes sense. Follow the spiritual impulse.” Mary Hayes-Grieco


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  1. That is the perfect little breakfast. I think I may have that same green square plate as you – Pier 1? 😉 There’s something to be said for square plates – very sophisticated. Now, if I could just find inexpensive square chargers.


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