Yeah! I woke up this morning to a little fresh snow!  This is perfect since it’s opening weekend at the ski resort here.  Sorry for no post yesterday, it was my first day of work up there then we had a friend who’s moving to town stop by last night so it was a pretty full day.

I’m working  up there again today so I did a quick yoga practice this morning then had a bowl of cereal with rice milk and banana.

And of course I always have to be prepared with my take-along lunch so I made a sunbutter and jelly sandwich on GF bread with some pineapple as well as carrot sticks and a kiwi.

It was another busy day which I love.  I’m happiest when I’m movin’ around and have lots to do.  And it was also another beautiful day of sunshine and blue sky- life is good 🙂  I was going to go to the gym after work but I was too hungry.  I guess I need to bring even more food with me from now on.  Instead I went home and did a some cleaning and studied from my nutrition books.  I’ll spare you the photo of dinner since it was Thanksgiving leftovers, but let me say it was just as delicious reheated.  Now for some tea, a pear and a movie with the husband.


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