Shop Till Ya Drop

I woke up and did a little power yoga  this morning which felt great!  I’ve got to be in Billings kinda early this morning for work then to make the drive worth it I thought I’d get some Christmas shopping done.  I know Friday is supposed to be the big shopping day but for me no sale is worth the madness and crowds! 

Yoga Pose of the Day:  Bakasana (Crane Pose)   We did this pose in class last night and it’s always a fun pose to teach as long as no one lands on their head 🙂  I must not have gotten my fill because I spent some time practicing it this morning as well.  I love the challenge of holding my entire body up with the strength in my arms along with the added task of  staying balanced.

I fueled up with a bowl of half oats and half Bob’s Red Mill hot cereal made with rice milk.  I for extra flavor I added some ginger, cinnamon, honey and sliced pear.  Since this breakfast is loaded with filling fiber it should stick with me all morning!

I packed some snacks to eat while I’m out and about:  carrots, pineapple and rice chips.

After checking the work items off my list I shopped around for a few people on my gift list.  I love Christmas shopping!  Oddly, I’d have to say that picking out paper and ribbons then wrapping up all the gifts is just as much fun.  When I got home I quickly made myself a piece of rice bread toast with two hard-boiled eggs then was back out the door to take care of a few things for my new job which I start on Friday.  Once that was squared away I hit the gym for a run on the treadmill, some time on the stationary bike as well as some gentle yoga poses.

I felt like something easy for dinner tonight so I made a pan seared salmon burger on a bed of sautéed zucchini, fresh spinach and carrots with a side of herbed beets. 

Now I’m ready for some hot tea and stillness after a go-go-go kind of a day!


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