I’m Back

That was way too quick!  I could have stayed and soaked all week long-  there’s just something sooooo relaxing (and romantic) about hot springs! 

Since I always like to be prepared I brought a mix of things to snack on for lunch and breakfast:

For dinner Sunday night we ate at the resort’s restaurant which is quiet and quaint, just like the rest of the hotel.  I love that there are no TVs or phones in the rooms; such a great way to relax and disconnect.  We started dinner off with yummy salads:

Someone was obviously enjoying his 😉  Mine had the BEST orange ginger vinegarette ever!  Then for our entrees I had the cumin crusted salmon with a lime ginger olive oil along with green beans and rosemary roasted red potatoes and a glass of pinot gregio.  He went for the rib eye with mashed potatoes and a beer from his favorite local brewery (we love Red Lodge Ales).

After dinner a little nightcap and more soaking.

The next morning we got up early for a soak, a quick breakfast of cereal, banana and hemp milk from home then on the road to Bozeman for a Bikram yoga class!  I don’t agree with some of the elements of Bikram but I love the heat (yep, even 105°) and how energized yet relaxed I feel after class! 

Me in my sweaty post Bikram bliss 🙂

After a quick shower and a little tour of the town it was on the road again.  I had some carrots, coconut yogurt and rice/bean chips with lots of water for lunch in the car.

By the time we got home I didn’t really feel like cooking so I heated up some chicken, rice, veggie soup and had some veggie chips too.

Hot springs and hot yoga- I can’t think of a better way to spend my time 🙂


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