Happy Friday!

Hey guys!  It was another day full of running around trying to check things off the to-do list.  I started the morning off with a short yoga practice followed by cereal with banana, flax meal and hemp milk along with a glass of pomegranate juice for breakfast.

Then I headed to Billings to run errands but spent most of the day searching for fixtures and finishes for my friend’s new house.  I love the tile I found… hope he likes it!  I stopped for lunch at the Staggering Ox.  They make really great sandwiches but don’t have GF bread so I ordered the “Nuke”:  a baked potato with roast beef, ham, mushrooms, onions and green peppers piled on top and a cup of coffee. 

This stayed with me all afternoon; very filling but I got home kinda late and was hungry!  I made a big salad with mixed greens, mushrooms, red cabbage, carrots and honey mustard vinegarette.

As soon as the husband got home I cracked open a bottle of wine and started cooking…

On the menu tonight:  roasted kale chips, grilled italian turkey sausage, and rice pasta  with carmelized onion, garlic, fresh parsley and red cabbage.

I’d have to say that the kale chips were the best part and so simple- drizzled with a little olive oil, sprinkled with kosher salt and roasted for about 15 minutes.

Nutrition Tip:  “Human population as well as animal studies consistently show that diets high in cruciferous vegetables, such as kale, are associated with lower incidence of a variety of cancers, including lung, colon, breast and ovarian cancer.”  –whfoods.org

Now for some fun stuff… dishes and laundry!  After that I plan to do some restful yoga poses.  I didn’t sleep much last night and I’m tired, plus practicing some calming yoga asanas in the evening usually guarantees I’ll sleep well later.

Yoga Pose of the Day:  Viparita Karani (Legs Up the Wall)   This is a great pose if you’ve been on your feet all day or for relieving a backache.  It’s also very calming, making it the perfect pose to do before bed.


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