Yeah for Sunbutter!

Since getting the results of my allergy test back I’d have to say that two of the foods I was most bummed to give up are peanut butter and almond butter; so when I found Sunbutter at a local health foods store I was interested in trying it.  SO good! I had it for the first time for breakfast today.  Honestly, I think I’ll still miss good ‘ol pb and ab but this is a great alternative with many of the same nutritional benefits:  lots of vitamin E, magnesium and healthy monounsaturated fats.  

Breakfast was a homemade GF waffle buried under some Sunbutter, sliced banana, cinnamon and maple syrup as well as a glass of Hemp milk- which I also tried for the first time today.  It has a nice, rich, nutty flavor to it and is loaded with omega-3s. 

There was more cleaning to do up at the ski resort so I packed lunch again to take with me:  a turkey sandwich on GF roll with spinach and dijon mustard along with a tangerine and some carrots.   Did I mention that lunch tastes better when it’s packed in my new cute lunch tote?!

Now it’s time for some yoga and a little prep work for my class tonight.  And since I spent the past two days abusing my hands with cleaning products I think I need to balance that out with a much-needed manicure if there’s time.  Ahh, the joys of living life in balance 🙂

I arrived at the gym extra early so I could get in a run on the treadmill and some circuit training before my class which made me totally energized, leading to quite an active class (I’m hoping everyone enjoyed it).  And I have a confession… I am officially a bad blogger.  After teaching my yoga class tonight me and a few girls from class went out for a glass of wine (no pic) and by the time I got home I was so hungry I threw together a big salad with chickpeas and turkey and ate it up before realizing that I again failed to take a picture.  So sorry!  I promise to be better tomorrow.  On a more positive note I had a great class and great company afterwards which involved lots of fun yoga talk!  Overall a wonderful day and I even found time for that manicure- life is good!


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