Move It!

Hey there!  Today has already been a busy, beautiful day and it’s hardly past noon.  I got up early for a vinyasa yoga practice to get the blood flowing.  Then I toasted some leftover homemade GF waffles topped with cinnamon, sliced banana and maple syrup.  I discovered that you can have homemade waffles on hand all the time by cooking all the batter, letting any un-eaten waffles cool on a wire rack, pop ’em in a ziplock and freeze, then just toast in your toaster for a yummy breakfast without the hassle.  I used to just toss the leftover batter but this is a much better idea!


Ok, you’ll think I’m crazy after this… I went to the gym this morning and spent 80 minutes on the treadmill!  Don’t ask me how that happened.  I started off with an easy 20 minute jog then opened up the November issue of “Self” magazine as I walked at a 13 min mile pace at 4% incline for 60 minutes!  Those must have been some extra good articles because I had no idea that much time had passed!  After getting a few things done around town I headed home for lunch…


I had some carrots, zucchini, grapes and an open-faced spinach and turkey sandwich on toasted brown rice bread. 

I found some great websites for making your own snack bars and granola you might want to check out.  This is a great option for picky eaters or those with food allergies.  One company is Element Bars.  You pick your base then all sorts of add-ins.  Another  is Mix My Granola where you can choose pre-mixed versions or create your own- just the way you like it.

This afternoon I tried a new fruit…

a tasty persimmon.  This fruit is high in fiber and contains antioxidants like vitamin-A, lycopene and lutein which improve eye health.  The flavor is mild but very sweet.  I give ’em two thumbs up! 

For dinner tonight I made a big pot chili full of tomatoes, red pepper, onion, garlic, meat, and kidney beans. 

Had to taste test 🙂  I also made a simple green salad and modified my favorite cornbread muffin recipe so they’d be gluten and dairy free.  I have to admit that I like the original better but these were pretty good too.

So, it’s the start of a new work week and many of us have jobs that require some amount of sitting.  I recently read an interesting article in Women’s Health magazine about the toll all that sitting is taking on our bodies and our health.  Basically movement is what our bodies were designed for and too little activity throughout the day can be very detrimental.  Luckily there are numerous ways to sneak in activity throughout your day:  bring a resistance band to work and use it under your desk, take walks on your lunch break, stand whenever possible and even do calf raises.  Instead of a Yoga Pose of the Day check out these stretches you can do at your desk.


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  1. Love your blog! Just found it through Jenna’s! 80 mins….yikes – I need to get that issue of SELF haha – I remember seeing it but forget who’s on the cover…I also woke up to do a short 20-min yoga session this morning but my computer kept crapping out on me :(…now I have to find time later. Love your meals! Check out my blog if you have time – I’m always looking for comments/advice! I’ll add you to my Roll 🙂


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