Happy Monday!

This morning I had a difficult time staying centered during my yoga practice so I cut it short and put in that old Tae Bo video I told you about.  Some of the moves really get me laughing at myself.  The times I cant keep my mind from wandering during my yoga practice are probably the moments I need it more than ever, but it felt good to move and kick all over my living room with Billy Blanks 🙂

Instead of a pose of the day I thought it’d be good to try a little pranayama (breathing exercise) called Sama Vrtti that helps with calming the mind and relieving stress.  Simply inhale deeply, pause, exhale, pause while counting so that you can make the inhalation and exhalation even in length.

Breakfast this morning was a grapefruit and big bowl of GF cereal with cinnamon and raisins.  FYI:  a study in Phytochemisty Letters journal reports that compounds in raisins may halt the growth of cavity-causeing bacteria.  I thought that was interesting but don’t worry, I’m still going to brush my teeth. 


I sipped some Kombucha green tea along with a banana to hold me over till lunch which was leftover rice pasta with spinach pesto and fresh spinach along with some veggie chips that I had packed up this morning.


I saved the grapes for the car ride home then after a quick cup of Yogi green tea and a GF pumpkin muffin I was back out the door to a fundraiser for a women’s group I recently joined.


There were all kinds of wonderful looking treats there however the only one I was sure I could eat were the carrot sticks and the Chardonnay.  When I got home I needed a little more to fill me up so I made a couple turkey, mushroom , spinach and rice cheese roll-ups with honey mustard dressing.  Not the ideal dinner but for it being after 9:00 and super hungry it was the best I could come up with.  I know I had said I’d go easy on the spinach but at least I didn’t have it for breakfast too 🙂


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