Fresh Start

I took some time this morning going through my fridge and pantry to get rid of anything I can no longer eat and my husband doesn’t like.  I really hate wasting food; luckily my lactose intolerant friend and her roommate will said they’d happily take any of my off-limit snacks.


For breakfast I tried out my new gluten-free cereal with sliced bananas and rice milk.  I really liked the cereal although the rice milk was pretty close to adding water to my cereal.  I’ll get used to it. 


I was out the door early to hit the gym before my morning yoga class.  Worked up a sweat on the treadmill and tread-climber then freshened up and headed across the street for yoga.  You know someone loves yoga when they get up and out of bed for a morning yoga class on Saturday!  I love my students!  Class today focused a lot on building core strength and upper body strength. 

Yoga Pose of the Day:  Plank Pose      

We did a lot of this pose as well as flowing from plank to downward facing dog.  I was in need of a little fuel after all that- good thing I had packed up some grapes to snack on afterwards.


After running a few errands around town I went home for lunch.  It may not look all that tasty but rolled up in the turkey is spinach, rice cheese, sliced mushrooms and a drizzle of honey mustard dressing along with carrots and GF pumpkin muffin.


Tonight for dinner I made a pasta dish with brown rice pasta topped with a spinach “pesto”, chickpeas and mushrooms served on a bed of fresh spinach.  I honestly couldn’t tell the difference in the pasta and the sauce had such great flavor I don’t think I would have cared either way.   I typically try to eat plenty of greens especially spinach which may be more important now than ever; since I’ll be eliminating dairy and soy I risk an inadequate level of calcium.  Good thing spinach is a great source.  It is also high in cancer fighting carotenoids, fiber and folic acid.  I love that its flavor is so versitile- it tastes great with almost anything.


For a sweet late night snack I had a glass of orange juice and some dried mango and apricots.  Did you know that some fruits are dried in iron pans which adds iron to the fruit? 


Hope you had a wonderful Saturday!


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