Sleep Does the Body Good

I woke up this morning feeling pretty rested after a good nite’s sleep.  Still not feelin’ 100% though so I’m going to take it easy today.  I started off with a short and gentle yoga practice this morning to stretch out my stiff muscles. 

Yoga Pose of the Day:  Sphinx Pose

I ate a simple breakfast of Fiber One cereal with banana, flaxmeal and soy milk.

Then had a pear and pineapple yogurt with pomegranate for lunch.  I really love the tart taste of pomegranate and the health benefits are amazing!  These things are loaded with antioxidants which fight off free radicals.  This is important because free radicals attack healthy molecules in the body causing tissue damage and potentially disease. 



FYI:  Recent studies show that pomegranate juice destroys breast cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone and can also prevent breast cancer cells from forming.  One more reason to enjoy!

Most of the yoga classes I teach tend to be pretty active however tonight I just felt like chilling out.  I dont think I was alone there- everyone seemed to be in the mood for a more gentle class.  Next week will be the first “Yoga Tour” class!  I’m not sure how many participants we’ll get but I came up with this idea of getting a group of us yogis together to attend a yoga class at a different studio in our area once a month.  Trying new classes or styles can be a little intimidating but also so fun and inspiring!

After class I found out that my appetite is back!  I made a veggie pizza with onions, spinach, tomato, eggplant, mushrooms and more grilled chili rubbed chicken with a side of  carrots and chopped tomato.  For some reason I’ve really been into spicy foods so I added crushed red pepper flakes for a little kick along with a sprinkle of basil and oregano.  A pretty tasty combo!



And for dessert…


broiled grapefruit with cinnamon and honey!


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