Long Drive Home

Time change + leaving work at 5 = driving home in the dark with lots of suicidal deer!  I’m obviously not a fan of the shorter days or dodging deer in the road- just gotta adjust I guess. 

I almost always bring lunch to work with me and today was no different.  Packing a lunch everyday definitely takes a little extra time and energy, but it’s worth it.  This morning I made myself 1/2 a turkey and spinach sandwich, packed carrots and veggie crisps to go with it and brought a chocolate walnut bar and an apple to snack on.


After a somewhat tense drive home I knew just the thing to settle my nerves…


 If you saw my poor car last winter after an unfortunate deer incident you’d understand the need for Chamomile.  Later I had a repeat of last night’s dinner which was so good that I was actually excited to have leftovers! 


And now, just a little food for thought before I say “good night”…

The life of one day is enough to rejoice.
Even though you live for just one day,
if you can be awakened,
that one day is vastly superior to one endless life of sleep….
If this day in the lifetime of a hundred years is lost,
will you ever touch it with your hands again?

– Zen Master Dogen


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