Clean’n Up

I spent most of today cleaning- so fun.  Actually, I don’t mind it and some of it was in fact fun.  When I clean I crank up some tunes and often incorporate some crazy dance moves into my cleaning routine.  It makes the time fly and turns into quite the workout.  I’m all about finding ways throughout the day to get in extra activity, that way if you are in the habit of sneaking in surges of excercise all day it’s not big deal if you skip your scheduled workout.  

For breakfast I had vanilla yogurt with one of my favorite fruits… pomegranate!  I had a piece of wheat toast with Ginger People ginger spread as well.  If you’re a ginger fan you’ve got to try this!  FYI: Ginger has long been used to treat nausea but it is also known to improve circulation, and help relieve headaches.



Took a break from dusting and dancing for a bowl of tomato based chicken and veggie soup, veggie chips and crackers.


This afternoon I went out for a walk and got sprinkled on- so refreshing!  The air is usually so dry here this time of year (my skin hates it) so a bit of moisture was a welcome change.  When I got back I snacked on some dry roasted edamame, an apple and best of all some fresh apple cider made by friends of ours with local apples, some from my tree even!


My dinner tonight was super colorful and fun to make.  It all started with lots of fresh veggies and more ginger…



The result… Asian Turkey Cabbage Cups with crushed red pepper rice noodles.  One word: DELICIOUS!!!


After I let my dinner digest a bit I did 40 minutes of gentle yoga.  There’s no better way to end the day than with a restorative, relaxing yoga practice.  I bet I’ll sleep well tonight!

Yoga Pose of the Day:  Balasana (Child’s Pose)  Click here to see the pose and read about it’s benefits.  The perfect end of the day pose!


One response to this post.

  1. Jessica,
    This is amazing. I mean that. I see you have made you life what you wanted it, what was that hmmm nine years ago. Well done. I looked at a few of your entries and they all make me hungry, I didn’t know that had food like that in Montana. I started a blog as well, it’s more about the random things I have done and do. It’s not at all inspiring, maybe a little, like yours is. Keep up the good work.



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