What a Day!

We found the perfect place- a new little restaurant called Cafe De Camp.  Lunch was amazing and it was so nice to spend the afternoon with my husband.  Lunch dates are so much fun!  He went with the bison burger on cheesy focaccia bread with of course a mountain of fries and I had a smoked turkey sandwich with gouda, sprouts and roasted garlic aioli served with a side of house made chips and a yogurt Waldorf salad.  I will definitely be back!  This place makes most of its items in-house and uses as many local and organic ingredients as possible.



I was only able to eat half of my sandwich at lunch which worked out well because the other half made a perfect lite dinner before my evening yoga class.  I had a few beginners tonight.  I love introducing people to the benefits of yoga!  It really is suitable for everyone.  I love to say that “yoga is all about the person, not the pose” (something one of my teachers taught me) only doing what you can, never forcing the body. 

When I got home I had an apple and some ‘Nana Crisps’.  The package says “Natural & Crazy Good”- so true!


These little tasties have 25% DV of vitamin A, 15% DV vitamin C and 4%DV of iron!   Gotta get a good night’s rest so I’m ready for an early morning spin class- yeah!


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