Balancing Act

My yoga practice this morning was all about finding balance.  By that I don’t just mean not tipping over in tree pose but in finding that place where I’m balanced between the effort and ease of each pose.   There’s something wonderful that happens when I back off a little and find some comfort and ease.  An idea I could apply to many areas of my life 😉

Today was a quick breakfast of wheat toast, almond butter, sliced banana, cinnamon and a glass of soy milk.  Have you seen these great little packages of Justin’s Natural nut butters?  The Maple Almond is my fav!  They are perfect for on the go snacks too.



2 responses to this post.

  1. Hi Jessica!

    Thanks for the facebook message about your blog. It looks great and I love getting nutrition tips. I started seeing a herbalist last year and learned so much about the power of herbs… I’ll definitely keep checking in.

    Hope you are doing well!

    Lindsey (iorg)


    • Thanks for checking it out! Isn’t it amazing that so many aliments can be cured or managed with natural plants and foods. That’s something I really want to learn more about. I looked at your blog too- so cute! Makes me wish I had a little one 🙂


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