Getting Creative

I wish I could say I’m one of those hardcore runners whose out there rain or shine, wind or snow but actually all it took this morning to keep me inside was the cold.  That means finding creative ways to get in some kind of workout.  Don’t laugh but this morning that meant dusting off a very old copy of Tae Bo.  Yeah, you heard me- Tae Bo.  Not only that but it’s a VHS.  Practically antique!  It did the trick though; got my heart rate up and worked-up a sweat.  After a little yoga to cool down I made scramble eggs with potatoes, spinach and mushrooms seasoned with garlic powder and cayenne pepper.   I know eggs can get a bad rap but they are loaded with vitamins B and D as well as iron, and protein.  For added nutrients look for eggs with omega-3’s which improve circulation as well as help keep skin and hair healthy.


What’s your go-to workout when the weather keeps you inside?


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