Sweet Ending

Lunch today was a big spinach salad with mushrooms, zucchini, carrots and turkey topped with my favorite Thai dressing and my own asian trail mix- a blend of rice crackers, peanuts, wasabi peas and dry roasted edamame.  004


I had to take my car to the shop this afternoon and rather than hanging out in the smelly waiting area I went for a nice long walk.  A much better way to pass the time.  At this point my belly was starting to rumble.  Good thing I came prepared! 


Wow… it has been a long day!  I’m so glad I had leftovers in the fridge so I didn’t have to cook (I’ll spare you the boring pic seeing as it’s the same as last night).  That left time to bake!


I balanced out a day filled with fruits and veggies with a butterscotch and chocolate swirl cupcake- super DELICIOUS! 

So, we all know that chocolate is basically a health food, right?  Did you know that it is slightly diuretic and can help eliminate toxins from the body?  Not that you needed another reason to indulge.  The taste alone is all the reason I need!


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  1. Posted by Heather (Stanich) Montes on October 27, 2009 at 7:18 am

    Girl, this is fantastic!!! I love it….now you need to podcast your yoga session on itunes!!! I saved it to my favorites, sent it to my entire family, and will keep up with this as well…..especially after I have this child of mine….I’m worried about getting back into shape after this weight gain. Anyway, keep up the hard work.


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