I Love Saturdays!

I would probably love them even more if I could sleep in but I’ve got to prep for my 10:00am yoga class.  Teaching yoga is such a joy though, so it’s worth it.  I’m absolutely worthless if I don’t eat breakfast in the morning so I make sure I eat a few hours before yoga.  This morning was a steamy bowl of pumpkin overnight oats w/ cardamom and cinnamon. 


Now time to prep…  I think today’s class will be based on the idea of connection.  Connection between mind, body, spirit; the beauty of practicing yoga as a group and our connections with family and friends which sometimes get pushed aside as our lives become too busy.


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  1. Thanks for checking out my blog! Add it to your roll if you like it! How great – your a Yoga teacher?! Yeah…I started the training this weekend, and am still feeling very ‘cautious’ for some reason and vague about it…not sure why not…I was excited before about it. Now I guess I’m just worried about if it’s worth it, my future, money, etc. I’m also just not ‘myself’ lately – very tired, low energy and run-down, which makes it hard to go through the long days. But I’ll just go with the flow and we’ll see what happens for now.

    Take care – and yes to the Oats!! I had that this a.m as well…with chocolate chips and almond butter 🙂 dessert at 6:30 a.m anyone!! oi.


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